Are there many sizes for Tivoli PM?

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  1. Hi, I got my LV today which is my DH got for my birthday:love:. I'm very excited receiving it today. This would be my first officialy LV Bag. But a little disapointed on the measurement. It is small. I would like it to be bigger in size. On the Yoogis' website, it stated that the size is 14.2" L x 6.3" W x 8.3" H. Here is the link :

    When I measured my bag, I have this size approx.: 12"(L) x 8 3/4"(H) x 6"(H). :confused1: Any reply is appreciated.


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  2. You'll probably like the TIvoli GM if the PM is too small. The GM has adjustable straps so it can be worn on the shoulder or handheld.
  3. sometime those sites don have correct measuremens or they go off the lv website. But they are hand made which would be hard IMO to get exact measurements everyime. maybe you should go to LV and look at he GM size and possible get your money back from yoogies by letting them know their measurements are off. Oh i just thought of something hey usually measure the widest part of the bag and go off that in their measurements.
  4. Pm is the size and it is only one PM, but there is GM too if that's what you mean :smile:
  5. Some sites do not have the exact measurements. There is only a PM and GM. Try going to the store and try on the GM and maybe that would be better for you. I happen to like the PM better... but that's just my opinion :biggrin:
  6. Thank you for replying. Now I understand that there are only 1 size for the PM. Maybe Yoogis has a typo mistake. I really love this bag and I am gonna to keep it. One day I might want to get the big one GM.;)
  7. There's only one pm or gm. I think there should be a size in between the two!
  8. I think you will be happy you kept the PM. I think it is a fabulously elegant bag and am a sucker for the pleats myself. It's one of the bags on my wishlist. Happy your DH was able to find it amidst this LV shortage...
  9. LV measures bags at the widest point, so the Tivoli measurement is made at the widest part of the zipper rather than the bottom of the bag. Congrats on your Tivoli PM -- it's a gorgeous bag!!!