Are there many of the somerset range bags in the outlets?

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  1. Seeing as lots of you have been to the outlets recently just wondered if there are many somerset shoulder bags/ hobo's/ totes available???? and if so - what colours????? Cheers! still thinking about what I may want in May!:girlsigh:
  2. I bought a huge somerset shopper in Chocolate from SM at the beginning of the year. At that time they had oak and choco....
  3. SM had the enormous Somerset shopper today but somehow I can't see you with that one Jo! I didn't notice any other Somerset bags but then I wasn't concentrating as much as usual so there may have been some.
  4. I went to Bicester on Sat & came back with a somerset tote in oak:yahoo:
    I don't remember seeing any others but then I hadn't even thought of it as a possibility!!:P
  5. I saw Somerset totes/shoppers in C Oaks yesterday,smaller than the Elgin size.One was in a very attractive tan/caramel color but that was called khaki?? And there were two that were a pale camel sort of ecru color that said olive on the ticket? Very nice,both colors and they were £246 each and appeared in really good nick too!!!
  6. Ooo chaz, did you see the tote shape or the shopper shape, or both??!!

    Hang on a mo, I'll try and find pics for comparison (they're on the Mulberry site, but I can't copy n paste!! :hysteric:)........

    OK, dratty drat drat, I can't find a pic, but the tote is closer to the Hanover shape, and the shopper is, er, well, shopper shape. Am I making any sense??!!

    It's just that I did a ring round this am, to be told no totes in any of the outlets?? :crybaby:
  7. ^^^^^^^^^^ Hahahaa!! I dunno!!!!! I don't know enough about them to be able to tell! How poo is that!?? I have to go back this avo to take some clothes back to one of the other shops,so I can swing in and have a lil look and check for you!!!

    I'm relatively sure it was the shopper??
  8. :lol: Ah, that's really sweet. Thank you :flowers:

    I'm guessing it may have been the shopper? Quite large and hand-held I think? The tote is the sort of slouchy thing - goes over the shoulder.

    Just had an idea. One of our girls has an oak tote. I'll try and find that pic....
  9. OK,


    This is Scarcici's lovely tote in oak
  10. Right,stored in my memory bank,will have a look today,it was the shopper I saw,but I have a lok see if any of those ^^^^^^ have been delivered and put out today for you xxxx
  11. Thank you so much xx
  12. Aly, I think SM had the tote but I can't swear to it.
  13. Thanks SJ. When I called this morning they said no can do. Ho hum. think I'm gonna have to try and be patient on this one :hysteric:
  14. It may well have been the Kensington I saw. It is a similar shape. I think the Somerset range has become more popular because the tote was a bag I often saw at SM but it seems to be more in demand now.
  15. Ha Ha, just my luck!! I think I'm after the putty colour. I love the oak, but am really needing a paler neutral for summer.

    Might have to try and track one down full price??!! Eeek, maybe not, it really hurt to say that :wtf: