are there knockoffs of "La Tour Eiffel Paris" bags?


Sep 22, 2007
I realize this company steals its design style from LV... but i saw one in a store in the bronx for only $90 (they are usually $150 - $200) and i'm wondering if it was a knockoff of a La Tour Eiffel bag which is a knockoff of an LV bag

i'm not crazy about LV but this little speedy was kind of cute and a good price (can't afford LV) but i don't want to buy a knockoff of a knockoff!

Feb 26, 2006
She wants to know if there are fakes of La Tour Eiffel Paris bags, because she saw one in a store at a low price. She also mentioned that man La Tour Eiffel Paris bags are very similar to Louis Vuitton. I don't really know the answer to the question. Considering it's a smaller brand, I can't imagine there being a lot of fakes out there, but I can't say for sure.


Sep 19, 2008
I sold this brand at one time. It could be the economy that brought the price of this brand down. I find with the economy so bad people in general are willing to pay for coach and only have one new bag for the season as apposed to having several.
I do not know if I would call them knockoff's or not, being that they have their own name. And I am not so sure that the original designs were LV"S to begin with. That does not mean to say the designs belong to La Tour Eiffel. I have been in the biz for a very long time and see all of them taking someones Else's designs and making them "better".
There is an American brand that knocks off the lesser known Italian designers all the time. If you go to the Italian shows and remember the designs, this company will have very similar designs the very next year. That said I have no way of knowing if those designs were knocked off or if the designs were sold to them by the designer.