Are there just no Fendi lovers?

  1. there's never anyone posting in the Fendi area...:sad:
    What's going ON?
  2. hmph.
    I post~!

    I LOVE Fendi....I definitely give it some action. lol
  3. I can post some pictures of me carrying my FAVORITE Spy bag that I bought back in August. I just figured no one would be interested (LOL!).

    And I'm totally obsessing over the Fendi B. medium canvas in Blue and White but I can't find it anywhere except in pictures.

    Any sugguestions?
  4. I guess I haven't really paid that much attention to Fendi the last couple of years. I love my devil bag with the mirror inserts--very sparkly--and I still love the baguette, but don't own any anymore--somehow, I feel they would look too dated--but the newer ones just don't move me.
  5. I visited the Fendi store in Florence last month and fell maddly in love with Fendi...
  6. Love Fendi - but I like to read what people are saying about lots of different bags and designers. That's why I love this forum. :yes:
  7. I like some Fendi, I think maybe the lack of posting may be due to the fact that their latest creations arent very popular. .? From what I've seen their BBag didn't catch on very well. I dont know. I'm sure when some more designs come out we'll be chatting it up.
  8. I think it is a tumultuous time in Fendi-land. The buckle bags were not as big of a hit as the other bags. Some of the Spy bags are lovely and some aren't. My example would be the plastic looking one with the red and white F's on it.
    The vanities and the baguettes are not as in style, although I will keep mine forever.
    I still love my two Spy Bags and would get another if I find the right one, so don't worry Fendi will survive. I think they started in 1925 or 1926.
  9. [delete] Oops. Double post.
  10. Oh yay! Baguettes! I remember someone put up a poll asking what was everyones favorite Fendi bag, I voted baguette :heart:3 I want one in red and black very badly.
  11. I think Fendi's Spy & Bbag are two of the most beautiful bags out there. Not only are their leather incredibly soft, their styles are like 2 pieces of great arts. I Black Patent Leather on Tan Leather Bbag (with chain shoulder straps).
  12. I love the new Fendi "it bags" (Spy, B), but those two bags can't carry an enire sub-category as almost all of the threads have something to do with those 2 bags.
  13. Fendi is my absolute favorite handbag designer!!! I think that over the years they have come out with the most interesting and unique bag designs. Not always popular, but at least different!!! Glad to see some other Fendi lovers!!!
  14. I am ALWAYS there. In fact, I always check there firstl.
  15. I'm guilty I never go there :shame: ...don't know why?! I do love my Fendi Spys, I guess my time is limited so I go for the busiest sections?!:huh:
    Anyway, I'll visit it now and post something :P . Thanks for the reminder, Mpark46!