Are there Gucci serial numbers on the wallets?

  1. If so where? I've looked all over my wallet and can't see one - my SA at Nordies authenticated the wallet, but isn't there a serial number on them??
  2. Yes ..wallets have serial numbers..It's kind of hard to describe..but it will be on the inside , in a credit card slot stamped on the leather..Look inside the will be in one of them...My Gucci opens to reveal credit card slots and # is in the inside of the compartment undernaeth the credit card slots........If you can't find it I'll post pics of where mine is..Sorry if I confused you..Just look really hard!!!
  3. Yes as EMMY said there are serial numbers. However, they are kind of hard to find since they do stamp them in its with the color of the leather. On my Blondie wallet the long one, its under the slit, thats under the credit card slots. So keep on looking.... :yes:
  4. yeah, try looking at the credit card slots, most of the time, they are there. the serial numbers are well hidden.
  5. oooh i didnt even think! ive never checked mine out for a serial no. ... *runs off to get wallet*
  6. ^ Did you find it?
  7. i cant find mine! :wtf:
    Ive got some pics of my wallet, its not for authentication because i no its authentic i just need to know where my serial no. will be please :yes:

    Ive looked as best i can and felt under all the slots but :s nothing! any help would be appreciated :yes:

    Ive just seen my pics, messed up im really sorry i had to resize them but cant do it properly so i dont know why theyve gone like that though!

    ok i took the pics out, putting some others in hopefully theyre not the same grrr
    wallet.jpg wallet side.jpg
  8. hmm guna try retake ma pics better cuz grrrrrr at them ones! why they gone like that :O
  9. wallet side.jpg


    as i said, ive looked everywhere under all the slots etc... anybody got any idea where it could be? :confused1:
  10. IT OOOOOOOOK!!!!!!!!
    i found mine :S
    lol... sorry for hijacking your thread :sad:
    its really really hard to see though :S

    date code.JPG
  11. ok, gonna go look right now!!
  12. Thank you so much everyone, I found it! So what does it mean? And how many number should it be??

  13. Your thread hijack really helped!:yes: I could not fund that number anywhere until you posted that pic!
  14. :yahoo: ^ Glad you found it!!!

  15. correct me if im wrong, i think the first set of digits (4) should be the style of the bag.. and the second set i dunno?