are there fakes of the tiffany elsa peretti alphabet? please help!!

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  1. I purchased a letter V necklace from ebay from the tiffany & co else peretti alphabet collection.
    i'm worried its fake as the inside of the blue box is white indicating a fake
    the chain is hallmarked 925 on the clasp, and the chain hallmarked 925,spain,peretti and tiffany & co
    but the pendant , the V is only marked 925 of the FRONT of the necklace .
    does this mean its fake?
    on the t&co website i cant see a 925 hallmark on the front
    does anyone else have this necklace to compare?
    or anyone have an ideas whether its fake from this information
    thank you to anyone who replies i really appreciate any input as im really concerned i hate fakes

    i forgot to add its the silver version of the necklace
  2. It's really hard to go by the hallmarks because Tiffany occasionally changes them.

    Unfortunately there are many fakes on ebay. In fact, I would say the vast majority of Tiffany items on ebay are fakes. Tiffany actually filed a lawsuit against ebay because of it. I think your best bet is to take it in to Tiffany's if you can. Just say you need it cleaned; they should let you know if it is real or not without you having to say you purchased it elsewhere.

    Good Luck!