Are there fakes for Celine and Tods?

  1. Saw some nice Celine and Tods bags. Are there fakes for them? How do we tell the differences?
  2. I dont know how to tell the difference but there are def fake Celine bags. My friend bought one back from Thailand and it was a really good fake. Really soft leather too.
  3. I know there are fake Tod bags out there.
  4. Yeah, I saw a site selling fakes of all brands including Celine. The dimension of the Clandestine looked different. Otherwise, I don't know of any serial numbers so I guess it's the dimensions and hardware then. My Clandestine has Celines on all the zippers.
  5. yeah, there are, for both of them.
  6. Thanks. I saw quite alot of Tods on eBay. Some of the colours are really gorgeous. But cant tell which is authentic.