are there fake mulberry emmys on ebay yet?

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  1. So I'm totally loving the Emmy in cognac and almond from Mulberry. I visit one at Dicken's and Jones sometimes after class..:nuts: There are a few on ebay that look great and the people selling them usually say they've been worn but are in very good condition, and have the dustbag and mulberry carrier bags and stuff (not that that means anything). I was just wondering if anyone's heard of replicas of these being made yet. I know once the Roxanne got huge there were lots of fakes on ebay but the Emmy is a fairly new style and there aren't a whole lot of them on ebay now to begin with, regardless of authenticity. I could just suck it up and buy my little friend at D&J but it seems such a great deal to get one in near new condition, maybe even the leather already softened up for me, for less than the new one. So...if anyone has any thoughts...let me know! Cheers!;)
  2. Unfortunately, there are fake Mulberry Emmy bags on ebay already, so be careful!!!
  3. :yucky: Oh gross! Why do people have to ruin our fun like that?! Thanks for letting me know though. Does anyone have any tips as to how to spot the fakes? There is one being sold by someone with zero feedback so obviously am not going to go for that one, lol. The photos all look so perfect too...but I guess they can copy the from other people. :hysteric: Who ARE these people who do this?!? It is SO not cool.
  4. just bumping up in hopes of getting tips for spotting fakes...thanks!! I'm so gullible :shame: