Are there fake Collier Du Chien bracelets?

  1. I guess there are fake cdc´s. You should ask about this auction in the authenticate this-thread.
  2. Oops sorry will do (am a newbie)
  3. Then welcome, and take a moment to read the rules:flowers:
  4. Yep, they have been faked. But the BIN price for this is way above retail, almost the price of a croc.
  5. Thanks HG! I couldn't remember the price.
  6. Nil Feedback
    with that BIN

    I would avoid and go to the boutique to buy one
  7. Thanks ardneish! I had no idea there are fakes of this wow
  8. I wouldn't buy that one, since the seller has zero feedback and the price is so high. I believe I've seen them at from time to time at about $940-ish. I would call your boutique or even the Neiman Marcus stores that carry H. Good luck!! I have a CDC and looooove it!!
  9. Just saw a BJ one at the Chicago H store! Tempted to get it, but didn't have enough time.
  10. If your eBay name is anything like the one you use here, the seller might be afraid to sell you a fake.
  11. Ok, you get best line of the week award.:roflmfao:
  12. Is the only reputable seller of H on the internet ?