Are there FAKE Burberry Watches?

  1. I bought a real Burberry watch at a Burberry store in Hong Kong in Central and I am in love with it. I am looking to buy another watch, but with plaid leather band instead of the stainless steel I have. Holt Renfrew sells Burberry watches but I'm checking out eBay.

    Anyone know of fake Burberry watches? Any reference guides or heard of stories about others purchasing fake Burberry watches? Anyone own Burberry watches too and want to trade pics?
  2. There's a section to get our peers to check whether things are authentic or not. So you could always link your eBay page to there. I'm sure that there are fake Burberry watches, seen that there's pretty much fake everything.

    Sometimes, HK has really good deals in their Burberry stores mainly because there's not tax there :biggrin:. I bought a couple shirts there last summer but I went to the one I think near Harbour City??