Are there fake BULGA's on Ebay?

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  1. that one looks good...

    you can also check shopbop, revolve clothing, and shop emily grace for bulga.
  2. I can't say with 100% certainty if any of the Bulga bags currently on ebay are fake, but I can say that there have been. Unfortunately, I bought one of them about a year, and was out $250 because of it.

    Bulga bags are made with a very distinct type of leather, and the bag I received was absolutely nothing like an authentic bag. I was so made & furious - It took me nearly 9 months before I bought anything else on ebay again!
  3. I have seen fake Bulgas but this one looks authentic.
  4. thanks for all the help and suggestions everybody!

    I think I'm just going to stick with buying from a well known retailer because I'm scared I might get a fake. However, that bag on ebay is so tempting because it's a lot cheaper than the other sites I checked out.

    iluvmybags: I'm so sorry you ended up with a fake..I would be so pissed! Were you able to get your money refunded?