Are there fake Bubble Earrings?? What booklet is it suppost to come with??

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  1. there are 2 pairs that i am looking at. both are suppost to be from eluxury. but both have different booklets.

    i would assume there were no fakes made of these tiny earrings but im kind of scared now.

    thanks in advance to my experts!:tup:
  2. The booklet is supposed to say "Bijoux Fantaisie" on the front. My Bubble ring and other Inclusion pieces came with a white coloured booklet whereas my Amarante Inclusion bracelet came with the brown coloured version. It's the same, just diff. colours. HTH.
  3. okay thanks. cause one comes with the whiteish booklet the other comes with a brown. idk you guys have probably seen them on eBay.
  4. both sellers dont have very much feedback.
  5. so im bidding on a pair. the woman says shes a member of tpf but wont give me her sn. idk. im kinda scared now after reading that some ppl put it in their listing just to gain trust. she doesnt really have that much feedback.
    the end of the auction is nearing (well i have a couple days) not many ppl seem to be bidding on any of these earrings
    i just dont wanna get screwed. :o(

    im scared!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.