Are there fake Botkier bags too?

  1. I'm new to the Botkier brand and just purchased my first one from their website, the Bombay Tote in Natural. I saw another one I'm interested in but I'm not sure if it's real. Has anyone seen any fake Botkier bags? I thought that only the higher end bags are being knocked-off, no?
  2. Yes, there are many fake Botkiers on Ebay-no designer is safe:sad:
  3. Yup, a bunch of fake triggers in particular
  4. Oh yeah, lots of fake ones on ebay, and as Shushopn says, especially triggers. I bought mine for 400+ from one of my trusted sellers. I could have chose from dozens of others of them in the same style for 150 or less. Some auctions were either really cheezy looking bags or either auctions that used all stock pics. Through my years on Ebay I have a very small list of trusted high end handbag sellers and I pay the big price to avoid the hassle of a possible fake.
  5. You can see all the fake ones at A lot of ebay sellers buy from ioffer sellers.
  6. If you are looking at a specific one, you should probably post it in the authentication thread. Good luck!
  7. One of those people is using a Neiman Marcus pic....
  8. I'm not surprised. Everything is faked these days.