Are there fake Anna Corinna handbags?

  1. Anna Corinna is a relatively new label but I don't know how fast counterfeiters work. Have you seen or are you aware of fake Anna Corinna bags? I only ask because I once saw a eBay seller selling a couple. I asked her where and how she got them. She told me they were leftover Christmas gifts and that she bought them from the Anna Corinna store in NYC. From what I know, there is no Anna Corinna store in NYC. I know there is a Foley & Corinna store in NYC but that is different (It's a partnership between Anna Corinna and Dana Foley). I also asked for pictures and she only sent me pictures for one color though I had asked for pictures of the two colors. Later, I noticed that she had several feedbacks for this same bag and listed more auctions of the same bag. I don't know about you but I can't afford to be giving every friend and family member a $400 bag. I was left feeling that the situation was sketchy.:confused1:
  2. since this isn't an eBay topic and more of a handbag topic, I'll move it to Handbags & Purses for you :biggrin:
  3. did you tell her there is no anna corinna store?

    maybe they are leftovers from a boutique, but not the foley + corinna store. others stock them...
  4. I decided not to buy from this seller. She was selling way too many bags for them to be Xmas gifts that she never gave.
  5. good. go with your gut.
  6. I don't know about fakes AC bags, but you should go with your gut. It's very possible that the seller wasn't lying to though...some people just aren't very good with store names (me being one of them). But, if the seller is auctioning too many at once, then maybe she is also in the wrong.
  7. Unfortunately, there's fake everything nowadays on eBay from purses to zippers (yes, I said fake zippers!) to whatever else you can imagine.

    Go with your gut. If you get a bad feeling, avoid that auction.
  8. Sounds fishy. You're smart to not buy from her. On a side note, does anyone know the name of the Anna Corinna that Drew Barrymore used in Music and Lyrics? I really want one.
  9. It's the drawsting bag:

    I know it's not the Butterscotch color, but Luna Boston often restocks. And, if you do a Google search, you should be able to find it.

    Good luck!
  10. I LOVE the AC drawstring bag! I saw the brass leather in person and perfer it over the butterscotch, the brass is glossier and transforms a bag that is essentially a "leather sac" into something a little richer!
  11. This is a pretty old thread, but I just wanted to mention that I'm pretty sure I saw a fake Foley + Corinna Jet Setter Jr today. It caught my eye because I thought it might've been a real one, since the Jet Setter design is pretty distinctive, but the turnlock was all wrong... :yucky: The size also looked off, but I haven't seen a real one IRL so I'm not 100% certain there. Foley + Corinna isn't even carried in any stores here that I know of, so it's pretty strange to see fakes (or very closely copied "inspired" bags) around here! (Then again, the fake I saw was white like the Jet Setter that Lydia Hearst carried in Gossip Girl, so perhaps that where the "inspiration" to copy that bag came from!)

    Oh, and I'm all but certain the girl who was carrying it saw me turn around to look at her bag. I don't know if she also caught the look of mild horror that was on my face after I saw the horribly-off turnlock, though! God, I hope she isn't sitting at home complimenting herself on getting her fake bag admired today, or something... :sick: