Are there exclusions during PCEs?

  1. Hi Everyone - I was told by my local boutique that I was a prefered customer. I guess that means I'll be getting a coupon for the next PCE. My question is this: I've had my eye on the Lily, and I was told that some items aren't discounted for the PCE. I really want this bag but since it is one of the higher priced items, I thought I'd wait until the next PCE. But if it's not going to be discounted, I'd rather just get it now. Do any of you know what the rules are for the discounts? Should I get it now and not bother waiting? Any advise would be helpful. TIA
  2. It's usually not valid on the newest items coming out and phone orders. However some have had helpful SAs that will bend the rules...
  3. Thanks tanukiki, Good to know.
  4. Don't count on getting jewelry at pce!!!! :smile: I got my daphne snaphead necklace bc the manager overruled the SA and wouldn't let me use the discount for that as 'they are low stock items and they can't use their discount on it either', so when I went outside to think about what I wanted to do my DH bought it for me on the sly!
  5. I'm going to purchase the snaphead necklace before the pce also. I was afraid they would be gone quickly.
  6. I have always been able to get ANYTHING I wanted using a PCE, even items from the next catalog pre-ordered which have always shipped to me before they arrive in the store. I did that with several bags and the three storesI shop at the most.
  7. You should check out the perfume if you haven't already...I get compliments on it all the time!