Are there ever any sales on BBags in Canada?

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  1. Anyone know if there are ever any sales in Canada? If so, when? What kind of deals are they? TIA!
  2. I got a couple of BBags on sale from Holts at the Boxing Day Sale....I got a Violet envelope clutch for $795 and a Plomb Step for $1079, (CAD) and the last time I was in there in January they had the small goods on at reduced prices as well, and I saw a Dark Green GGH City for $1295.

    They also have a "reduced price" table on most of the time, keep calling and asking to see what they have.

    Nan :smile:
  3. I saw a brown sgh brief for $1295 and pine ggh city for $1309. MU for $300+ on sale. That's pretty much it. Not the best prices, IMO, especially with the 14% taxes.
  4. Yeah, even if they go on sale, the prices still won't be great because they are much higher to begin with.
  5. Do guys know if the US prices are much lower? It would be great since the $$ is pretty much at par but plus 2.5% on the credit card exchange.

    Any ideas how much is the First & City? Thanks!
  6. The U.S. prices for all bbags are in the Balenciaga Reference Library. The city is $1195 and the first is $995. Much better prices than at Holts, expecially after you add the taxes. I hear Aloha Rag is good for Canadian buyers and ther is always good old ebay.