Are there different versions of the Mini Pochette?

  1. I've been browsing Mini Pochettes on ebay and have noticed that there are ones with gold chains, leather straps, monogram that is more spread out, and monogram that is closer together. Are there different versions of this item? TIA!
    d7_12.JPG mini.JPG mini1.JPG
  2. the one on the far left is the actual mini pochette. i think the two on the right are the regular pochette accessoires, just with different handles. i think one is the extender, but i don't own a pochette, so i'm not sure.
  3. The first one is the mini pouchette,the second one is the pouchette that comes inside the bucket bag,and the third one is the pouchette accesories =D
  4. i knew i'd seen that before! my bad!
  5. Oh but all three are adorable :P
  6. well, for one thing, you can buy the leather strap or gold chain separately. Usually the monogram pochette accessories has a leather strap.

    The mini pochette accessories is really small. I think what you are seeing with the gold chain is the accessories pouch that comes with the bucket - its larger than the mini pochette accessories, has the gold chain, and is cheaper!
  7. The Mini Pochette is my favorite out of the three. It's so cute! : )
  8. Love these:love:
  9. 0o0o totally LOVE the chain!!!
  10. How much the accessories pouch that comes with the bucket costs? It's so cute and since there isn't any vachetta it would be a great bag for clubbing :smile:
  11. ^ I think around $145
  12. ^^ I've called and asked 866, and they quoted me $150 with the chain. This is before the price increase, so I don't know if its gone up.