Are there different types of heels for the CL Yo Yo?

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  1. Hi, i'm a newbie here. Just went to Saks this weekend to look at some CLs for the first time, and was wondering if the YoYo has different shapes of heel??

    I was looking at the nude yoyo 110 and it looks like the heel went down straight, but when I look through tPF reference pics, some yoyo's have a skinnier heel that curves inward?

    Just want to make sure in case I order one online, that it is the way I expect it to be. Thanks in advance!!! Also, do they make a yoyo in patent black 110?
  2. Yes. The YoYo 110 has what we refer to as the "Decollete" heel. It's not the official name, but it's the same heel you find on the Decolletes.

    Many YoYos come with a Sculpted heel which is more curved. Different heights are available in these – 85mm or 100mm.

    There is also a style called the YouYou, which is basically the YoYo with a slim straight pencil heel, like you would find on the Simple pump.

  3. yes there are two heels, the straight heel which comes in the 110 and a curved heel (this was from older seasons)....

    hehe, ditto jet!
  4. There is also the Yoyospina which has the same sculpted heel as the YoYo 85mm but the heel is made of metal instead. I don't recall ever seeing a Yoyospina in 100mm but I could definitely be wrong.
  5. ohhh great! that is so helpful, thanks ladies!! :biggrin: