Are there decient sites to ID fakes with?

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  1. I only just recently joined, but I was wondering if you guys know of any sites that can help you ID fake bags. A great girlfriend of mine only just recently gifted me with A "LV" Popincourt, and I despratly did not want to hurt her feelings but , it's just ... well...oviously fake. She is not one who is into the high end collecting and the gift surprised me, but she is desprate about it being the genuine article, I would never embarass her (and myself) by going into the store w/ it...(the sales staff would never look at me the same again as well) But perhaps if I could send her a link to sites or something , I am terribly bad at using search engines myself so any help is appreciated.:amuse:
  2. will ID bags for $5. you just send them pics.
  3. thanks for the help, Every one seems very nice here :amuse:
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