Are there certain bags you should not treat/spray/protect?

  1. I just saw wickedassasin's thread re Shining Monkey and Appleguard so this is sort of a spinoff I guess. I recall reading in various posts that some people don't treat certain kinds of bags. It would be a great help to know which ones should not be treated. I am hesitant to do any of my bags as I am afraid I will ruin the color, etc.. but by the same token, I am hesitant not to. Thanks for your help!
  2. My Chanel SA said to NOT spray or treat the new Lux line totes...who knows!!!
  3. The lovely ladies here saved my Coach Pebbled Leather by catching me BEFORE I put conditioner on it....No Conditioner on Pebbled Leather from Coach.
  4. I've heard you shouldn't on suede, nubuck and napped leathers
  5. I heard the Gauchos...
  6. What about Balenciaga bags? Anyone ever tried those spray stuff on B-bags? I'm wondering how to protect mine....
  7. I've sprayed Shining Monkey on nylon, leather (vachetta) and suede with no problems. Someone have also used it on LV Vernis. Do NOT use Scothguard on Leather or Suede though. The back instructions tells you not to and I can tell you that from experience (an accidental tiny spot on a nylon bag with leather handles sprayed).
  8. Is it really necessary to treat/spray/protect bags? I just leave my bags the way they are and I don't baby them either, but they're holding up fine. I'd be afraid of accidentally ruining the bag by using the wrong conditioner/spray!
  9. Not necessary. Just a preference I think. I like the thought that in case something spills on any of my bags, the spillage would bead off and roll off the bag. For me it's prevention.
  10. Since the Spy bag is nappa leather... that means I shouldn't use AppleGuard to protect it right?? Does anyone with the Spy spray anything on it??
  11. I sprayed my spy with was fine. I also treat the rubbed spots on my spy with Appleguard conditioner. It makes them look better.
  12. how 'bout deerskin? has anyone sprayed a deerskin bag before? thanks
  13. SAs at LV said not to treat the leather.. but people do, and it's fine. Mine is for preference. :smile:
  14. I spent Saturday spraying my newest bags with Apple Garde - one is soft green suede and leather, one is white pebbled leather (very soft), one is pale yellow smooth soft leather and the last is sky blue hard leather. No problems with any and I feel better about carrying them - especially the green suede and white ones. It's no fun carrying them if I'm stressed over getting them dirty.
  15. Really?? In my opinion you have to treat suede becuase those bags can get soooo dirty if you don't.

    I've treated my suede bags and haven't had any problems :yes: