Are there any Zip Clutch on sales?

  1. quilted/non quilted, any colours will be fine. TIA!
  2. I saw on the sale thread (which is a sticky) that eluxury had one last week on sale. While the zip clutches don't seem to be on sale as often as past-season handbags, people who see the ZC's usually post their sightings on the sale thread as well. Best of luck! Oh, and let us know if you spy some on sale!
  3. thanks bag-addict ! i went to the eluxury's site earlier on, and they were gone... :sad:
  4. Shoot. I was hoping you'd find one there. Don't despair, though. Good things come to those who wait. Well, and to those who are persistent in finding what they want!
  5. I want one badly too, black, red, topaz, cream, but i want the quilted ones, any luck?
  6. i have a confession to make.. i bought that zip clutch.. it was black with grey stitching. BUT! it was a return. -__- my SECOND time having a problem with eLuxury... the hardware was scratched and it was obvious that it was used and returned bc some of the inserts were missing and the tags were cut off and put inside..
    i emailed and got a $25 gift certificate, but im not sure if thats a good deal still.. :\

    good luck on finding a zc! :biggrin:
  7. Did you end up returning it monotreme?

    I think I'm going to wait for the next F&F sale to get a ZC.
  8. thithi, what is F&F sale?
  9. Friends and Family sale.. I think the next one is in July, certain dept stores will take 20% off regular priced items. I've seen Saks and Bloomies specifically have these sales. Nordies may have a markdown during their Anniversary sale, or will match F&F sales.

    I wonder if Macy's carries MJ too? Nordie will price match their F&F too, providing they carry MJ.
  10. ^^^ I've looked at Macy's and have only seen MbyMJ in the SF Union Square store. But still wondering if some might carry it ............
  11. I heard that they carried MBMJs.. but I'm secretly hoping they carry MJ for the price match!!
  12. i saw 2 quilted zip clutches (tan and a dark tan, sorry don't know official names) for 25% at bloomingdales at the millenia mall in florida last week. i'm not 100% sure it was bloomingdales but it was one of those big dept stores in that mall
  13. i saw a few at Nordstrom in Tampa Fl for $60. They were gark green and really cute!