are there any websites that sell AUTHENTIC pre-owned Hermes bags?

  1. I've been to and they seem to be the real thing. Are there others you ladies trust? I'm too afraid to even thing about ebay for an Hermes. Thanks!
  2. I've seen lots of these sites- don't know how many are authentic though.
  3. I don't know if this forum is going allow to discuss selling/ or buying bags among members. But it would not be a bad idea to ask acitve members in this forum if they want to sell their birkin/ kelly. Asking active members in this forum sounds safer than online seller. But I do not know rules of this forum if it is okay to do it or not. You should check the policy first. But I don't know who wants to give up their birkins or kellys after putting that much effort to find them. At least I am pretty sure I am going to keep my birkins and kellys forever and give to my little girl when she becomes grown up^^.
  4. That's what The Marketplace Want to Sell (WTS) and Want to Trade (WTT) section is for. Members with 75+ posts and who have been registered, contributing members for 30 days or more are permitted to sell or trade bags and other accessories.
  5. thank you thank you!
  6. I remember having a couple of Birkins not too long ago. I have never bought from them, but I am pretty sure they are legit.
  7. I read on another forum that Hermesgalleria is a questionable site :unsure: Also, although the one and only one picture that they provide for each bag are from authentic bags, they don't provide enough pictures or details so this is not exactly a very good sign either :suspiciou Therefore, it's probably a better idea to stay away from it in case it's a bait and switch scam.
  8. Thanks for the info! That's why I love this site!:love: