Are there any updates about the Bluefly situation?

  1. Has anyone received a bag?
  2. Sorry. I have not posted. I have been caught up in the Shirise sale and some personal stuff. I returned mine and called my contact and so far nothing. Kind of disappointing but I hope that they still do something.
  3. I received my Camel City (also kinda wishful thinking it may be real), spotted all the tell-tale fake signs then returned it right away. Now I just have fears of packing slip getting lost.......ARG.
  4. wow, i was really hoping this wasn't true...i can't believe that we can't even trust bluefly anymore :cry:
  5. My friend ordered several but was able to cancel them a few days ago since the status read that the orders were still "submitted to warehouse" and wasn't yet fulfilled.
  6. For those who received them and returned them--did you state on the return form that your reason for the return was that it was fake?
  7. Yes. I stated something to the effect that they were fake or not authentic.
  8. I actually got a survey via email from Bluefly last week, and I wrote a long section about the fake Balenciagas and how I don't feel comfortable ordering from them anymore if they're not only going to sell fakes, but refuse to admit their error.

    I don't know if anything will come from it, but who knows?
  9. I just unpacked my camera yesterday, so I'm going to shoot pics before I return the two Fakes I got from BlueFly. I wrote them an email about it and haven't heard back aside from the auto-response that an individual will review my correspondance.

    I think someone will get fired over this and I hope they recall the bags...but I think I've seen some on it's a big mess for them to clean up.
  10. I was concerned they would hassle me so I just checked off "C" (not as described).
  11. Geez, it's crappy to see these bags with genuine receipts being resold on ebay. How can Bluefly insist that these are authentic when the straps and mirrors are wrapped in plastic like that!
  12. wrote Bluefly this morning (after seeing the bags relisted on their site, and on eBay), reminded them that their inaction over this entire matter indicates to me, that they don't mind partaking in illegal activity. Authorities have been notified.

    I'm Canadian. Can I contact the FBI? This is a racket. Selling these bags is illegal, and they are shipping them internationally.