Are there any two-tone Spys around

  1. Not including what may be on eBay?
  2. gloss_gal, not sure what you mean by two-tone spies. However, Fendi has produced a spy that was either white with green (or red, or black) handles/trim (SS 05) or taupe with blue (or purple) handles/trim. The leather wasn't nappa, but a treated calfskin to look like lizard. It has a sheen to it.
    If you want to see pics, you can go to:
    Fendi Spy Bag List
  3. Thanks Greendrv. I went there. It's a great list. I also saw a pleated bone that has a darker handle so I guess I am calling that two-tone. Maybe not?

    We should get the Fendi Spy list made into a sticky. :yes:

  4. oh yeah, that link should be a sticky
  5. Would you consider that to be a two-tone?
  6. No, not really. If that's the case, then right off the top of my head the bone, cognac, and green spies would be "two-tone". IMO, that's too messy of terminology.
  7. Got it. So I am now after the bone pleated. But we should still keep this open on true two-tones as I know some PF'ers are looking for them. Thanks Greendrv.
  8. I agree. The picture you posted is lovely and if those are still available somewhere I would love to purchase that Bone pleated as well. If you happen to find somewhere that has two available, please let me know. That is tooo lovely.
  9. I am not sure if Canadian Fendi boutique will ship out of country, but I find that a lot of those bags in dif. colors are just sitting on the shelves in Toronto and not selling at all! Give it a shot!!! Maybe you'll get lucky!
  10. Thank's I will check it out!
  11. OK, I'm back. Can one of the lovely Canadian ladies send out the number to the Fendi Toronto boutique and/or let us know what colors they have. Thanks!
  12. There's no hope for a green spy though, anymore, right?
  13. M, I think I saw one on eBay. Bring it to the Authenticate thread so the experts can check it out. Good Luck.
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