Are there any true red Vibram soles out there?

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  1. Just wondering....I've seen a bunch of the red Vibram soles and they seem a little "off" in color compared to the red lacquer...almost a little on the orange-y side. Didn't know if that was just what is most available out there, or if there are indeed true red soles that match the sole exactly. I'm willing to spend the extra dough and time to get them if there are. Anyone know? Thanks!
  2. I bought some from panrixx and they are VERY close to the CL red. They are not a perfect match, but definitely worth it to protect your sole. I usually put Vibram soles on all my designer shoes to help them last longer. It is not really the red I am worried about, but the leather wearing thin from walking a lot.

    Here is the thread that talks about the red Vibram soles.
  3. I just bought from panrixx too. They haven't arrived yet. From what I know, the red Vibram soles are the best solution for your CL's because they are thin, they grip well, and they are red. They are put on the part of the soles which touches the ground, so no one can really see even if the colour is a bit off.
  4. Although they are not an absolutely perfect match the Vibram red soles are pretty close, in my opinion. I have done a lot of research on this and, as far as I can tell, they are the nearest to Louboutin Red that are available in a genuine repair sole.

    There was another thick material sold which was a close match but I read somewhere on this forum that it was something used in the carpet industry. A number of members bought them and found them totally unsuitable for CL shoes.
  5. The red sole saver made by vibram was a bit too orange in color. Another company Soletech made a much closer color to match the CL red color. It is for sale on ebay under the search red sole saver. There are pictures of them on the shoes as well.
  6. Quick ? for panrixx: you will be offering these soles for awhie, yes? Or is it a limited time offer?
  7. I am not allowed to directly promote these :yes:
  8. I got a bunch of vibram soles to put on my shoes and never had a problem with them! Its not like you see the line where it end/start on the heels. When you're heels are laying on a certain angle, you can't really tell there the difference just that your soles aren't all marked up from wear.
  9. I am having my first pair of CL with my cobbler using the vibram i got from panrixx... i will be picking them up on monday hopefully they turned out okay
    my cobbler has never done CLs before and he was suprised to see red vibram, even the color is not exact match i actually think its close enough.
  10. I have spoken to Vibram about getting an exact colour match and here is their reply:

    Dear Brian

    Thank you for your news.

    With reference to your enquiry, kindly be informed that we have a red colour on our collection we just decided to develop due to some Japanese customer requests.

    I think that it would not need too much to try to match, as close as possible, the louboutin red.

    What we need is to have the Pantone reference. Would you be able to let us have it?

    Otherwise a piece of the red leather he is using would be enough.

    Waiting for your reply.

    Does any one have a contact who can find out the correct Pantone reference OR can obtain a sample of the red sole/colour?

    P.S I hope the Japenese customers they mention are not Fakers
  11. I will try to get the Pantone code today.
    I doubt fakers are doing Vibram – but you never know.
  12. Got it!
    Panrixx I'm PMing you.
  13. Panrixx, that is good news that Vibram wants to make the perfect match!

    I can't wait until they come out with it...hopefully it won't take too long! :yahoo:
  14. JSG! you are a star, I'm very impressed how quickly you found that information.

    I did ask the manufacturer if any of their female employees wore CLs and they emailed back to say "It seems that none of my female colleagues dress a Louboutin shoes". They cannot be paying them enough :nogood:
  15. Wow! I can't wait to see the new color!