Are there any TPFer's that frequent Lougheed

  1. Town Centre?
  2. Do you mean the one in Burnaby, British Columbia? If so, I do.
  3. Yes, Burnaby! Just wondering if we all bump into each other not knowing. When was the last time you were there?
  4. i have been there, but not for a while since i moved to gastown.
  5. I love Gastown. How do you like living there?
  6. it's quite nice at times, a little disheartening at times too!

    pros- snow on the cobblestones on water st, rain in gastown looks quite pretty too, jazz festival in gastown is nice because we can hear the music if we go up to the rooftop and read a book and lounge at the same time. very central to public transit, close to downtown shopping and grocery shopping in china town.

    cons- very crowdy and touristy at summer time and the biggest con is one day i was leaving out the back entrance of my co-op, and there was a dead body laying on the ground covered in a tarp, cops were there too. i decided to turn around and leave thru the front entrance. eek!

    whereabouts in BC are u? :biggrin:
  7. america is so boring compared to some places :smile:
  8. British Properties, and Westwood Plateau:smile:
  9. nice! british properties is such a pretty area for sure! :biggrin:
  10. Thank-you, we love it there.