Are there any Tano colors you would NOT buy for spring?

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  1. First, I appreciate the warm welcome about a month ago when I asked about Boogie Buckets! I keep looking at Must Have Bag's sale, and I am sooo tempted. So many are fall colors though. Are there colors you would NOT use for warmer weather? I know this is a totally "personal preference" ? but I am just curious to hear what others have to say. Personally, I would not do black (I am not into black bags generally) or the timber green, but I like a lot of the browns. Then, I wonder if I should just spring for a spring Tano after all. :graucho:
  2. The two colors that come to mind are marshmallow and cherry. Just because I have a white bag that I never use bc I'm scared of color transfer. Cherry bc I have several red bags already that don't get enough action.
  3. I'd have to ditto kmh on the marshmallow and cherry. I cannot be trusted with a white back of any flavor and cherry isn't really my thing. Can't really do green bags, either, although I always like them on other people for some reason. And I can't buy a grey Tano because BE ruined me forever with their dark grey--it is positively addicting. I do, however, love the deep, rich blues, browns, wines and blacks. I think most colors can be year round--I tend to 'fall' for fall colors anyway.
  4. I just sold my Timber bag, because there is a green coming for Spring 2 that I prefer. I loved Timber at first and then just decided more of an emerald color is better for me.

    I'm kind of "meh" about most of the colors right now, with the exception of Toasted Almond. I love that one.
  5. I think it also depends on where you live-to an extent. Where I live, its a sandals year round kinda place. Think fiesta and lots of warm weather. And I grew up in a coastal area not far from here. Its almost an endless summer, and pretty much the only thing that I make myself put away is my straw MMK clutch.

    Weather aside, I also believe that its all in the mix. How you wear an item, and what you wear it with, can make it alright for more seasons/places. IMO.
  6. I agree w/ taking the weather where you are at into consideration. I'm in Dallas where there's really no true winter. I have yet to find a Tano color I wouldn't wear no matter what date it was. I basically carry whatever 'strikes' me that day.
  7. Timber isn't for me, although gorgeous....
  8. That's true Voo and Clutched...if it's warm year-round, you can really do anything. Up here, even though white is supposedly seasonless now, I'd still never carry a white or even a light pastel purse in the winter. I just cannot wrap my head around it. For spring, I probably would not carry bags in a dark wine color like Garnet, but I would definitely go for a berry tone like Blossom. Same for greens. I might not carry Timber in the Spring, but I would carry a brighter green tone. I carry blacks and browns and gray year-round, and like you said, Clutched, I just match them to a seasonal outfit, and they're appropriate whenever.
  9. Timber reminded me of baby poop when I first saw it. It looks better in person, but it still isn't my favorite color.
  10. I might just be a fashion nightmare where this issue is concerned....I use whatever I feel like, whenever, like Voo said above :smile: Except I live where there are four real seasons, I like bright colour in the winter to cheer up the grey days and since I love brown and black I can't put them away for spring and summer.
    As for the new spring colours I love the Toasted Almond and Lagoon!
  11. I agree...I tend to wear what I want, when I want...I have worn an ivory bag in January...and a black bag in June...
  12. I carry my bags whenever I want, too. I have one weird rule: I won't carry or wear suede in summer/spring.
  13. That's not weird @ Oboogie... suede can be a bit heavy for spring/summer... it's like wearing a velvet dress in summer! It just feels off! I mean there ARE light colored suedes and things but it can still look awkward.
  14. I also agree...I carry my bags whenever I want to. It depends on my outfit and how I feel that day. One thing... for sure, I am not one to buy a pink bag....or I have not yet found the right color pink. I tend to favor any color, but not pink.
  15. I used to be very in that mindset of darker colors in the winter and brights in the spring, but now I like mixing it up. Like, I love to wear my Blue Hawaiian sex bomb when it's a dreary winter day haha. I use my Truffle Minilisa a ton in the spring and summer. So I'm no help here really. But for what it's worth I live in a definite four season climate.