Are there any styles you're dead-set on never getting?

  1. Originally, I liked the Dolce and Bella best. I wasn't much of a tote person, definitely not into messenger styles, and the Zucca seemed overpriced & odd-looking.

    However, as I got more into Toki, I started to like Stellinas and am now open to (and lusting) Campeggios. I think Ciaos can be cute if you find them with the perfect print. I'm dying for a Mamma/Mamma Mia at the right price (yea, I'm one of those who hates to pay retail or close). I even bought a Bambino (sold it, lol) and a Bambinone (because Casey from Pulse found me excellent placement on one). And of course, my newfound love, the Pirata Zucca (which looks great on almost every print IMO, from Adios Star to Foresta or Citta).

    But I will never get

    not really purse styles, but they seem to make up lots of others' collections.

    How about you?
  2. I wouldn't say dead-set, but I don't think I will ever buy any:


    unless they're L'AMore and cheap! :smile:
  3. I'd never get:

    - Ciao
    - Ciao ciao
    - Stellina
    - Campeggio (unless it was a great deal)
    - Cucciolo (unless I had a baby)
    - Nuvola
    - Scoula
    - Braccialetto
    - Bocce
    - Dolce
    - Bambino
    - Corriere
  4. d'oh, left out bocce.

    i've seen a nice inferno bocce and citta rosa bocce.. but i like to carry stuff around. and if it doesnt even fit my wallet.. =/

    ditto on the cucciolo clause, maya_exquisite.. i found a decent campeggio, but i don't know if i'll be able to secure it in time T_T
  5. It's easier for me to name the styles I WOULD get. :lol:

    I would get these -
    Bella Bella
    Mamma Mia

    I'm not one for BIG bags and not one for bags that are messenger style. :[
  6. I'd never get

    - Canguro (NOT a waist bag person)
    - Ciao Ciao (too awkward)
    - Nuvola (not a big fan of backpacks unless it's a gym bag or if I were still in school)
    - Scuola (same as above)
    - Bocce (too small to be practical)
    - Corriere (just not a fan of the overall shape)
  7. I would never use:
    canguro-dont like waist bags
    nuvola-need it to be on both shoulders
    campeggio-to big, dont like messengers
    cucciolo-have a baby but like something smaller ad my everyday diaper bag (I use a scuola)
    Ciao Ciao-to awakward on me
    wrist band-Don't understand this one's appeal
  8. i would never wear...

    canguro - fanny pack? no way.
    braccialetto - wrist cuff? wat the hell lol
    bocce - way too small
    bella - too close to the armpit when u wear it >_>;
    gioco - way too big.
    corriere - is this a fanny pack?

    i dont like most of the tote bags... cuz im not a big bag person.

    i probably would never get the scuola either...
  9. :nogood:I will never buy....:nogood:
    Bambino (Not a fan of small handbags)
    Braccialetto (Would be to scared of putting money or credit cards and having it fall off)
    Mamma Mia
    Gioco (Looks weird on IMO.. Like you're carrying loafs of bread)
    Nuvola (not a fan of backpacks)

    My fav styles are...
    Ciao Ciao

    Oh and I ordered a Bocce and was thinking of using it like a wallet or to put my camera and I like it more then a Portatelefono... And could be used as an evening bag too... :yes:.. And I do want a Canguro because it would be great for when I go to Disney.... :p
  10. hmm I once said I was never getting the zucca cuz Im not a big tote person (always been a small/messenger bag person), but when I saw one for a great price I couldnt pass it up and decided to see what was the zucca all about :biggrin: ..needless to say...I got the inferno/pirata zucca as well!!

    Hmm other styles I probably wouldnt get..(not deadset)

    bocce-too small for my needs
    braccialetto- dont see how this can fit my cards :p
    bella- good size but would settle for a bellabella
    gioco- not a style for me
    ciaociao- not practical for me
    bv- too big and not much structure like zucca
    scuola- not a fan of back packs
    luna- not a fan of duffle bag type
    trenino- i would get this but thats if i travel..:push:
  11. I'm one of those completest types... I'll get everything once and every print once... in case I decide I like it in the future :smile:
  12. so tehlilone you got the complete set of all the prints??
  13. ^ thats a lot of money lol!

    id carry around a nuvola to college if it was bigger... but that thing cant even fit a binder lmao.
  14. My collection can do without a:

    -buon viaggio
  15. I would get the following
    zucca,trenino,campeggio,luna,dolce,bv and bambino.