Are there any Spys in Petrol out there?????

  1. Help!!! I guess I am late on this bandwagon but I am obsessed by the spy in petrol!!! :tender: The shade of petrol is so fabulous!! Is there anywhere else to find them besides ebay?? Help!!!:sos:
  2. Actually, there's apparently one available at FENDI NY. I would call there.
  3. Yes!!! I did see that one, but I know the bidding will probably go through the roof- don't you think?? It is gorgeous!:nuts:
  4. As of last week there was a petrol at the 5th ave NYC store. They had 2 and I got one!:yahoo:
  5. Rolexgirl you could always try - you never know your luck. Ebay is a bit slow at this time of the year. I'm guessing new it would be in excess of $2000.

    It is a gorgeous though - if I hadn't been so bad with two spies already this month then I would be going for it myself..

    Good luck
  6. Thanks all for the info!!! I called the 5th avenue store but no one picked up on the main floor or customer service. I will try back in a bit. I went to south coast plaza yesterday and for the first time touched the spy and WOW!! the leather is amazing. Wouldh've snatched up the black but wan't to avoid the sales tax!! My chloes don't stand a chance- shhhhhh!!!!! :graucho: Since this is my first spy, I was leaning towards the black, since I have too many brown bags. Until.....I saw the petrol. Maybe I'll give the ebay one a try:shrugs:
  7. good luck - keep us posted.
  8. Try the fifth avenue store again. I bought one July 30th, they may very well have one in stock.
  9. I left a message at the 5th avenue store and they called me back (very promptly, may I add). They did not have one in stock, but they said they could find one for me. What was interesting was that they said I would have to still pay sales tax, even if I was out of state. Usually, I tend to phone order my bags so I don't have to pay tax!:shrugs:
  10. I don't think it is like an online order, it is more of a special order. Fendi's online site may still be under construction. I know when you walk into the store and you are from PA you still have to pay NY sales tax.
  11. Keep us posted and good luck!
  12. the reason u have to pay tax is becuase they have a store in ur state. If u ordered from a store without a location in ur state then u wouldn't have to pay any tax.
  13. Rolexgirl, Did you get the Spy? I called looking for a pleated Spy and the SA told me the last one was sold yesterday. I really hope it was you!
  14. No...I wish! I loooooove the petrol spy, just started having second thoughts about it being my first spy bag. The color is exquisite, I just don't know if it would be used all that much. So.... :rolleyes: I started digging into the black and cognac, as they would be a good place to start. I love the darker brown, but I have a chloe silverado that is close to that color. I really was thinking about the black since I just don't have a great basic black bag (or one that I'm not sick of anymore :amuse: )

    decisions, decisions- so many bags, too little time:hysteric: