are there any small cc crystal earrings around?

  1. hi everyone,

    i'm currently on the hunt for a pair of small cc crystal studded earrings. i'm on the waiting list at two chanel boutiques in toronto, but i'm wondering if anyone knows if there is a pair available at a store?

    thanks for your help ladies.
  2. when did you call the toronto boutique? i'm surprised they don't have it, cuz they just got a whole bunch of replnishment stock on the classic items, they've even got all the ones that are still out of stock in the u.s. stores. i know for sure they have the CC crystal pendant necklace which is out of stock in alot of stores. i don't look at earrings cuz my ears aren't pierced, but i think they shold be able to find one for you
  3. Oh no! They had this pair of earrings in a week ago.. I can't imagine they've completely sold out?

    I'm guessing your SA tried checking the system to see if there are any other Chanels in Canada that have it so they can order it in and transfer it.. cuz then they would've done that and you wouldn't be waiting for it...

    These earrings come in pretty regularly so it may just be a matter of waiting?
  4. they have the medium sized ones, but i think they are a bit too overwhelming for me as i'm really petite. i want the smaller size that hillary duff has.

    the holt's store has the small CC with a crystal heart necklace, but i want the regular CC necklace instead. the smaller CC necklace doesn't have enough "bling" for a necklace, but it would be perfect as earrings for me. the regular cc necklace is soldout and i'm on the waiting list for it too at holts.

    i'm on the waiting list at both the toronto store for the small cc earrings.

    but i want to keep all my purchases at holt since my SA is really nice and that i can earn my holt rewards.
  5. they say the small cc earrings are they don't know if they will be getting them back anytime soon...

    does anyone know what does seasonal mean?

  6. call emiko at chanel boutique on bloor, she should be able to help you...if you could let her know irene sent ya, that'd be awsome.

  7. i've spoken with emiko before, and she told me that the earrings are seasonal and that she doesn't know when will they be available again

    but thanks for your help

  8. i asked her during lunch, and she said she has them, unless we're not talking about the same earrings, i saw the necklace again today when i was there. and i don't believ these're seasonal, they're part of the classic collection. i think you should give her a call and ask about them.
  9. my Holt's SA just called me yesterday and said the small CC earrings and medium CC necklace had arrived.

    i'm just waiting to go pick them up tmr

    thanks for all your help ladies.

    maybe next time when i want something, i should create a thread, and it will magically appear like this time =)
  10. OH YAY! Congrats on them coming in! That's great news!
  11. Yay congrats! Are the crystal CC earrings hard to get a hold of? They're *impossible* to find in Australian stores, but I was under the impression that they were relatively easy to buy overseas.
  12. thanks for the congrats.

    i'm not sure if they are "easy" to buy in canada...but the US seems to have a lot more stock.

    i was on the waiting list for about 2 months. the stores don't know what they will receive in each shipment, so they can't promise you anything. but i think the medium sized cc earrings are a bit easier to find than the small ones.
  13. Charlotte NM had some of the crytal earrings today. Not sure what size, but I believe they were $210. 704-442-7900.
  14. does anyone know how much the gold cc earrings run or where to find them? both the chanel boutique and Neimans chanel never seem to have them in stock in texas.

    amy sedaris wore them in an episode of SATC.
  15. i saw the small 2 days ago at holts.