Are there any 'shoulder bag only' ladies out there who learned to love and use a B?

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  1. Hi everyone -

    I am not even sure how to word this post. Long story short - I am not a handheld bag kind of gal - I never have been. And yet, for reasons that are probably not lost on most of you, I still feel as if I need a Birkin in my collection. This seems a bit crazy to me, but, well, I'm sure that at least some of you can relate.

    I already have a SBII, and I just (finally) scored a K35 returned that I adore which I hope will become and everyday bag. The issue is this - I will be going on my annual vacation next week, and am pretty sure that if I asked, my SA in my vacation spot would offer me a B. She has contacted me and given me a strong sense that this may be the case. Of course, even if this did happen, the bag that I'm offered may not be in a combo that I desire. But, if I am offered a 'wish list' bag what do I do?

    So, I'm wondering - if I get the chance do I get a B and try it out? On the one hand this seems like a crazy and expensive 'experiment'. On the other hand, given limited availability and compounding price increases it also sort of seems crazy not to, given the opportunity.

    I am wondering if any of you have been in my shoes? Are there any of you who swore off hand held bags, but learned to love and use a Birkin? Am I nuts? Help!!
  2. Yes. I was never a handheld bag girl til I got to H. Now all my favorite bags have a top handle and shoulder option (non H let's say LV Alma). That totes... I like to have a shoulder strap when needed, but the Birkin is so beautiful I forgo that....that said I can wear my Bs on my shoulders when I need to as I am fairly small.
    Try carrying a favorite bag in the crook of your arm for a while and see....
  3. what about ordering Birkin shoulder version, which has a slightly longer form with longer straps?
    i have the same dilemma. if you get, pls tell us how u feel about it!
  4. I am definitely one who swear off hand held bags. My elbows hurt from lugging them. They are a pain when I attempt to wash my hands after going to the toilet, and yet maintaining a distance from the sink in case the water gets to the bag. I sold away eventually all my hand held bags. But i am pretty sure i still need 1 in my collection, and if finance allows, of course it got to be a birkin! So fear not, go for it!
  5. It's funny how quickly you get used to a hand-held bag (esp. a B!) after carrying shoulder bags all your life. My first H bag was a Lindy, for that same reason, which I love...but I have quickly gotten used to carrying my B in the crook of my arm or by hand.

    Just be sure that it's in a leather that doesn't feel heavy to you...a clemence B will feel heavier than one in Epsom IMO. Good luck to you!
  6. My Bs are my only bags I have to hand carry. I never thought about it until reading some treads here since it doesn't bother me. Though I do avoid my Bs when I know I will need my hands, but those are typically situations where a B doesn't belong.

    I would for sure buy one, if you are offered one you love! Worst case you use it once a month and love it! Or I guess you could sell it.

    The only other thing to consider is he weight. I suggest you stay away from size 40s and 'heavier' leather.
  7. Throughout my life - I've gravitated towards bags - more than how they've been held. So I've been a cross-body only gal, a shoulder-only gal, and a handheld-only gal... simply because I've loved bags that could be worn that way. :P

    In any case, when I think back... my longest phases have been shoulder bag phases. Whereas my favorite way to wear H bags... is by hand or crook of the elbow.

    So yes... you can be converted... ;)
  8. Good question....the first time a carried a B (35 Togo), I hated day...not as day....not at all...5 years and many B laters I love them. My only advice is to be very certain of the size you want....over the years I have drastically changed my size preference and it is unfortunate to have to edit!

    Good luck and have a great vacation!:biggrin:
  9. I was never a handbag girl before 2012. Everything had to have a shoulder strap and preferably a thin one like the Chanel chain. Then suddenly I made a purchase and I am converted. I actually dont hand hold but rest the bad on my forarm! I even wear my kelly like that now and not with the strap!
  10. Get it! I am the same - carry messenger or shoulder majority of the time. However, I do bring the B out for periods, just not all the time. But I can't imagine not having's such a beautiful bag and when I do use it, it's not as convenient but I love it...color, leather, etc.
  11. I will let you know. I'm a shoulder bag kind of gal and have a Kelly, Bolide and market bag. However, I just bought my first B in a 35 (light leather). Not yet sure how I will feel carrying her around but I too felt the need to have a B in my collection.
  12. I was in the same position. It's surprising how quickly you will adapt to carrying it in the crook of your arm. The key is not to load up the bag too much as I found out the first attempt where my arm was in so much pain afterward. The next couple wears I've gotten used to it and I don't notice as much, maybe I built up some muscle due to my B? :lol:

    I say get one and worst case scenario is that you sell it later on.
  13. Yes, got used to it real quick :roflmfao:
  14. I feel the same. My Garden party sits on my shoulder in summer and in my hand in winter. It's just too heavy to carry so much so that I'm thinking of selling it. It gives me a lower back ache after a day and I won't think of a B unless it is tiny like 30. So only Ks and bolides or Lindy for me.
  15. I only ever had shoulder bags, till the arrival of my Kelly. Now I prefer handheld bags as they don't ruin the line of my jacket. I even use handheld, ( mostly the herbag) when I cycle around London. I just put her in the basket in front of me...:smile: