Are there any RM bag colors you have chosen not to spray protect?

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  1. I only have one RM so far and sprayed it with the protectant because of all the posts of others doing it.

    Do you girls own any colors that you haven't sprayed? Is there a reason not to spray certain ones?
  2. I still haven't sprayed anything on my Tangerine. It has that gloss finish so IMO it doesn't really need it. i've been using the bag for a month now. I am careful though. I won't wear a handbag if its raining outside.
  3. I am the same!

    I check the weather every morning, and if it's gonna rain I use my Coach Coated Canvas bag. If it's going to be nice out I take something leather. I am such a dork :smile:
  4. ^^LOL that makes two of us atleast ;)

    I won't risk hurting my RM:queen:
  5. My BF put my tangy MAM on the floor the other day and I had to give him a lecture :lecture:

    I just got apple cleaner, apple conditioner, applegarde, apple suede cleaner, and LMB for handles in the mail today --> it came with pink heart shaped packing foam!!!... will update on how it works out...
  6. Apple Guard Spray is what I put on my Night Blue Mam and was happy with the results.

    I have not conditioned it yet or even bought the conditioner. I don't feel like it needs it.

    As I contemplate my next color choice, I wonder if some colors respond better to spraying than others.
  7. I have not sprayed my midnight/pewter matinee, and I only sprayed my cream MAM when I first got her, haven't since. I find you don't really need to with RM bags,.. they're pretty self sustaining.

    LOL, and I also have a rainy weather bag - its that rubbery faux leather material, made by nine west... anytime it looks like there may be moisture in the air, that baby is busted out so my leather bags are safe from the environment!
  8. I actually haven't with my tomato or midnight. Or my chocolote, but that is one where I really should have! The others aren't really affected by rain (thankfully!).
  9. I spray everything! It doesn't change the look or feel of the bag at all, so I figure there is no harm in putting at least one coat over it.

    Actually - wait, I take that back. I haven't sprayed my black MAB. Or have I? I can't remember, but I think I am going to spray it now cause I don't want to leave her unprotected despite her natural camouflaging ability. :rochard:
  10. I'm not big on spraying, but like Desi, I don't take my leather bags out in inclement weather. I usually check when I'm getting ready and use one of my cute-and-trashy bags instead if it looks like rain.

    On the odd occasion when I get caught in a storm I wasn't expecting, I usually walk around all hunched over trying to shield my bag from the rain, or try to shove it under my coat. LOL! I probably look like a freak! But at least my bags look pretty... ;)
  11. You ladies aren't alone! I also have a rainy day bag (bags). Both my Le Sportsac tote and Longchamp Le Pliage do very well in the rain because they have a coating on the inside to prevent water from seeping in. I've even managed to spill 2 martinis on my Le Pliage and they wiped right off! No staining at all.
  12. I use my old but one of my first loves a nylon moschino when it rains so you ladies are not alone! But I will use my leather in the rain too.
  13. Wow! I'm the same way too. TBH I haven't sprayed my tangy or my wine mams. But I have another bag to take if it's raining (like it will on friday and saturday.. :sad:) And if I happen to have my bag and then it starts to rain, I have another canvas bag that I carry my mam in... does that sound overly neurotic?

    I'm just super careful, I'm starting to annoy my BF with my constant ministrations of care for my bags... :lol:
  14. We're like cat ladies, but instead handbag ladies. When you sign up to date us, you take the whole package! 10 cats and everything that comes with them!
  15. :roflmfao: ... So true!