Are there any "Purses" left at BalNY?

  1. Any color would be great! I am addicted to Purses since I got my Blueberry Purse, but she is so lonely and her kind are on the endangered list :p I'd love another one to keep her company :graucho:
  2. actually I was thinking the same thing, only with Bal Paris.... Do any of you french girls know if there are any purses left at Bal or Printemps????? PM me if you know anything!!!! thanks!!
  3. BalNY has Origan, Truffle, and i want to say Blueberry but i am not sure. I checked with them last week.:yes:
  4. Oh, the origan would be gorgeous!:yes:
  5. I was just thinking the same thing flipflop!
  6. Oooh I'd love that Origan, but I doubt it would still be there by the time I call at 5am tomorrow morning...
  7. They had Sapin a few weeks ago but no blueberry.
  8. Kitegirl - email Daphne at BalNY (, put 'Attn: Daphne - Sage green purse' (this is what they call origan) in the subject line. Tell her that you are on international time, etc. Ask her to put it aside for you and you can do the rest via email/fax at your leisure. She is great to work with. Good luck!
  9. Cult Status sent me an email yesterday that they have the Purse in
    Brown and Gray ... Truffle and Griege maybe??
  10. OHhhhhhh girls :wtf: . . . I'm desperately looking for a Purse in BLUE INDIA . . . PLEASE if anyone see one or know where I could find one ... let me know :tender: :love: THANK YOU :yes:
  11. Neiman Marcus (Mclean, VA location) stocks "The Purse". Their stock of colors vary but I've seen them there recently.
  12. You mean the one in Tyson's Corner? if yes, they only have the Sapin left.:smile:
  13. I will definitely keep my eyes open for you.;) :heart:

  14. Awwww thank you 'L' Nanaz :tender: :winkiss:
  15. Nanaz, you're always so helpful to everyone. Thanks so much. You really have your "finger on the pulse" re what colors are where!