Are there any pictures yet of the upcoming Sage Green?

  1. I am dying to see this color! Any pix yet? :smile:
  2. I know me 2!
  3. me 3! Come on Incoralblue, my bbag guru, I know you know something.
  4. me 4 ? lol...I do know some news about the BG Pink, EB and Sky Blue. But still waiting for the sage green and Magenta
  5. I am just hoping the Sage Green is close to my "Green Tea Ice Cream" idea!!!!! Can't wait to see pix!!!!
  6. I think I have seen someone posting that the sage green is similar to army green, something like that.
  7. I remember that too, I hope it 's not dull, army green just doesn't excite me.
  8. When I think of sage, I think of a Dolma sort of colour... Hopefully if it's similar to Dolma it doesn't have the same fading problems.
  9. I hope its similar to dolma!!!! Fingers crossed!
  10. I didn't even know there WAS going to be a SAGE green!!!
  11. [​IMG]

    This is a photo of an ostrich handbag from the Balenciaga 08 Resort Collection - do you think it might be sage?
  12. ^ looks like sage to me! I hope so, what a pretty colour!
  13. That's the sage green I have in mind...

    I google'd :idea: it and found this ;)

    "sage green"

  14. i hope tis like that ostrich bag, that color would look sooo nice all smooshy and worn in:sweatdrop:
  15. It could be a gorgeous Spring colour, very fresh...hopefully no muddiness. That Resort bag looks very pretty- let's cross our fingers!