Are there any pics of Transporto floating around?

  1. Just wonderin'... :p
  2. Just one. If you want, I can PM you it. LMK.
  3. I think it's 'trasporto' without the n', all the styles' names are in italian.
  4. idk, everything i read has an N in it. And, it make sense to me since they're moving around eh...

  5. Hehe, yeah, whenever I write it I put an n' by mistake as well, but transport == trasporto in italian, god knows why.
  6. I was wondering if that was right or not! Whoopsie! :smile:
  7. Could someone PM me the pic of Trasporto :flowers: ?
  8. You don't have it set up for anyone to pm you ? :confused1: I was gonna pm you the pic . ;)
  9. I didn't see an option to set up PM's. I did set my profile so that I can receive member e-mails, though. Is there a PM option?
  10. You don't setup automatically have that option.
  11. For the longest time, I kept typing TraNsporto... but it is without the N. I looked it up in my Italian dictionary... I was looking up the names of the bags and stuff...

    Zucca = squash. Hahaha.
  12. So it IS trasporto? heh...didnt know that.
  13. Could someone pm me the pic too? Thanks!
  14. hi... could someone pm me a pic too?? :graucho:
  15. Yes you have to click on enable pm messaging system. In edit options on the control panel page. If you don't you can't get any pms. Hope this makes sense and helps you. :yes: