Are there any pics of the first Coach handbags?

  1. I've been wondering just what those first Coach leather bags looked like in 1941.

    Has Coach ever done a picture gallery of their older collections?

    If I'd been setting up the 70th Anniversary collection launch I'd have juxtaposed the anniversary bags with the orginals from 1941!
  2. I don't think they had bags in 41? But I have seen the first coach bag ever made and it's stunning, I'd love to have one now. It was a messenger, slouchy with a flap, tan and super sturdy. I follow Coach on twitter and they actually posted a picture of it when the writer went to the coach museum. It's not like people can visit but the owners all have one bag of every bag ever made in stock in this "museum"
  3. Oh my good lord where is this museum at?
  4. Bleeker St HQ
  5. archived materials2010.jpg coach archive2010.jpg embossing2010.jpg first coach bag.jpg
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    Oh, to be able just to walk around that! Thank you for the pics!!!
  7. Thanks for sharing the info ladies! I had thought that Coach was making bags since 1941!
    I remember those pics from a while back--thanks for posting them Hyacinth. I'd pay admission to visit that "museum"
  8. There really ought to be a way for the public to see these displayed individually. I"d LOVE LOVE LOVE to get inside that museum and see
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    Oh to get into that museum! Do they need any cleaning staff I wonder...:biggrin:

    Below is a link with a few photos of the (now cleaner) 60s Classic Pouch that Hyacinth ID'd and auth'd for me -- the bag was originally very dusty/dirty - and looked dark gray, cleaning revealed that it is actually a very lovely Navy Blue! The bag has been conditioned, and is pretty much good to go for another 40+ years, I am having the tiny worn spots by straps repaired to help keep them from getting any worse.. Note the logo imprint inside (contrast is set high so ignore the weird colors/splotchies) - no creed - this was the first Coach I had seen like this, so I thought "faux" and it almost went into the parts bag!
  10. I love it! What a timeless classic bag--and navy too! FAbulous rehab job. Thanks so much for sharing it!