Are there any photos out there of the new rose denim color?

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  1. I'm thinking of buying a neo-cabby at PSN this week, but have heard that this bag will be released in a new rose color in April. I've tried a thread search but haven't come up with anything. Does anyone know if / where I could find a photo?

  2. Do you have access to the Look Book at your LV? You can see it there. As I remember it, it's a light rose color.
  3. How do you get access to the look book. I've never seen one. Do you just go to a boutique and ask?
  4. May be this color?

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  5. ^^ what about the leather parts? I was told no vachatta.
  6. yep its exactly that shade and yes there is no vachetta. the leather is the same color....just like the black cabbys.
  7. ^^ Thanks! I cant wait to see this!

    anyone with pic, please post!
  8. Im thinking it is probably going to be the shade of the vernis light pink heart.
    Also, does anyone know about the grey cabby? Light/dark???
  9. The new gray color - Gris - looks sorta gray-greenish in the Look Book. It's a nice color. Regarding the Look Book -- just ask your SA if you can see the L.B. It's there for customers to see the upcoming LV's, but you have to ask to see it.
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    I have been able to look at it in the past, but I have been told lately that they cant show it anymore because of security reasons. I was told that by three different boutiques.
    Thanks for letting me know about the color gray;...would you say it is close to the same gray as the mini lin platine?
  11. I'd say it's lighter than the mini lin grey, I wasn't a fan of the grey maybe it was the picture but it looked grubby to me.
  12. Thanks for answering! I agree with you about the mini lin color!
  13. It is very pretty - but I am sure still out of my price range!