Are There any Musicians in the House?

  1. I play the flute? Are there any other musicians here?
  2. I played the flute in high school, I was in the band :cool:

    I also used to play the bass, but I haven't played in a long time. Still love music, though :smile:
  3. I play piano
  4. I know to 2:

    Piano: Grade 8 (both theory and practical, no aural) by 17:P
    Viola: Grade 5 (still Grade 5, stopped playing at 16 because one day it felt like pinpricks all over my fingertips, doesn't happen now but I have long nails :roflmfao: )

    I was forced to do the first when I was 9, so a grade a year is about the right pace. In fact everyone did music but usually when changing school at 13 they stop but I didn't because I was dorky:lol: .

    As for viola, I thought it would be chic getting into the school quartet and no one else wanted to do it so I thought it was the easiest one:lol:.

    People still frequently ask me to play after dinner but now I can only remember basic Chopins or I do Handel Gigue when they want something less common, people love the jumpy bits :smile:(usually Beethoven's Fur Elise and Moonlight Sonata Movement 1 are also the favourites but they are boring:P ).
  5. I play the piano, violin and the guitar!!! :biggrin:
  6. I play the piano and guitar. You should hear me on my son's electric!
    Moms can ROCK BABY!;)
  7. LOL.... another flute girl in high school band, I mostly just play piano in my spare time to ease off the stress of studying
  8. I can play clarinet and piano- I love to learn new songs, it gives me a challenge and I feel great if I can do them!
  9. I am married to one:yes: Does that count:biggrin:
  10. I play the piano (ABRSM Grade 8) and violin (ABRSM Grade 6).
    We should form a band around here!
  11. Grade 5 flute. I also sng. I know mnay peope say this and the words "shower" and "kareoke" pops to mind. But I really sing jazz, blues and soul. My main thing is writing and composing music. Thats what really does it for me.
  12. I play the Piano and the Harp! I learned how to play the Piano in 3th grade and Harp in 6th grade.:biggrin::flowers:
  13. I used to play clarinet but that was back in JR high lol!
  14. married to one. I play accordion tho.
  15. I'm a classically trained singer.