Are there any more Coach Forums out there?

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  1. I enjoy this board so much and was just wondering if there are any other Coach or purse forums out there that you look at????

    I usually have three windows open, TPF, the DIS boards and eBay, LOL!
  2. I post regularly and read on the eBay Shoes, Purses, and Accessories forum. I try to read at once a week.
  3. There's the Coach group on MySpace as well as the tPF Coach Girls group on MySpace. I usually have one window for MySpace and a bunch of tPF, lol. Other than that, I don't know of any other forums.
  4. Hi do you have a link to the Myspace Group?
  5. I just joined the tPF Coach Girls group :smile:
  6. ooh, me too. love the MySpace!
  7. I've joined Disboards, it is massive. You should check out
  8. there is a LJ group but it's kinda dead since most of us have come over here.
  9. Oh man, if I find another Coach forum I won't get any housework done lol
  10. ouch! This is a little disrespectful to Vlad and Megs don't you think?
    They work, actually WE all work really hard on here, don't post stuff like this, it's sort of a slap in the face.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.