are there any more chanel shoes on sale in stores?

  1. im desperately looking for the patent ones with cork quilted wedges, anyone seen any chanel shoes on sale?
  2. i would try calling around to the chanel boutiques. i was just in the one in short hills nj and they had a small wall of sale shoes broken down by size. i'm sure some other boutique have sale shoes left too. not sure if i saw the ones that you are looking for.
  3. I tried on a pair today at my Saks. They were the blue patent. I'm not sure what size they were, but I barely crammed my feet into them and I wear a 38 in Chanel. I'm guessing between a 36 - 37. They were at the Troy, MI store. The number is 248-643-9000.
  4. I saw a pair at Saks Portland, think it was size 40. Was about $230 i think.
  5. tnx for all your help ladies, i finally found one! the SA told me it runs small so i ordered the 38.5 (last pair), im crossing my fingers that it will fit!