Are there any Macy's or Bloomingdale's that sell Gucci purses.

  1. Does anyone know if any Macy's or Bloomingdale's sell Gucci purses. There is a new purse that I just can't get out of my mind that I "have" to have. I was hoping that if I could find it at either Macy's or Bloomingdale's I could apply for a new charge card and get a discount for opening a new account.

  2. i doubt it... :sad: sorry!!

    macys for sure would not carry it (at least all of them that ive been to) not sure about bloomies!!!
  3. bump, same question!
  4. Definitely not Macy's. Not sure about Bloomie's but doubtful.
  5. I agree, definitely not Macy' for Bloomingdales, what I've seen so far is that they have Fendi & Gucci. :sad:
  6. Did you check Macys at Herald Square? They have LV there and other high end bags as well.
  7. ^They do not most definitely carry Gucci. LV yes, but Gucci no. As for Bloomingdales, not that I've seen either at least on the east coast.
  8. Macy's Herald Square only carries Gucci handbags or small leather goods.
  9. I believe the Bloomies on 59th & Lex carries Gucci :yes:
  10. nope bloomies on 59th doesn't carrie gucci
  11. Never seen Gucci at Macy's sunglasses and watches only
  12. thank u all so far for the responses
  13. I know Saks and Neimans have it, don't know though if they have new charge account promotions.
  14. No Macy's or Bloomies carry Gucci