Are there any LV's w/ ostrich trim/handles?

  1. it was monogram - but looked like cloth
  2. I think you mean Sac Nuit:

    Sac Nuit.jpg
  3. Ughhh... that bag is so hot!!!!
  4. That bag is making me blush!!! :blush:
  5. that bag makes my bank account run and hide!
  6. So pretty! Thanks for posting that picture :drool:
  7. How much?
  8. 3400$ I think that one is up for.
  9. Retail prices for the Lilac Sac de Nuit when it was being sold:

    PM- $3,650
    MM- $4,350
  10. Thanks John! Oh it's not TOO bad! But I'd have to LOVE it to want one, I like it but I dont LOVE it! But it is pretty!
  11. I LOVE it!!! You can buy it for me? :graucho:

    Just kidding. :lol:
  12. Also the velvet chain line.
  13. I have that bag in blue and it is FAB:heart:
    Picture 004.jpg
  14. drool
  15. Excuse me!!! I'm going to have to confiscate that picture for being too hot. :drool: