Are there any legitimate work from home jobs?

  1. Well, since my last post of needing to find a job soon didn't get much help but just another person or two in the same situation I'm in - not knowing what to do. I'll ask this one: Are there any legitimate work from home jobs?

    I'm not SUPER computer savvy, but could learn, but couldn't do say, repairs or programming. Two, I'm not interested in sales of Avon or Pampered Chef. To be successful at those you have to be an extravert and must have a circle of friends to get started, I'm not pushy enough and since we moved here three years ago, I haven't formed a strong network of friends either.. it's getting better, but it's not enough to start or to help spread the word... so that won't work either.

    But, isn't there SOMETHING I could do from home and earn money. Something you all KNOW is a sure thing (not a fly by night or shady job)?
  2. I know there are places that let you do customer service calls from home; however, I don't know of any legit places that do it.

    Another options is transcription. My mom does that from home to supplement income. She's been working for the same company since she was 18. They mail her the tapes and she emails them files. I dunno if jobs like that are still around or easy to find though. She's been with them so long, it's hard to say.

    I wish I could be of more help...Good luck!
  3. ^There is always a need for medical transcriptionists for sure! My mom does that and she keeps very busy, and they are always accepting new people, as long as you can type accurately it is easy to learn! Just make sure you keep medical dictionaries at hand cause some of the words can be hard to spell out :smile: She works for MedQuist,
  4. Well, you already said I look like your mom when I was younger, so now are you tryign to get me in the same field? LOL Actually, I read it and sent away for materials. I have a good ear and can type fast (like 70 wpm), so we'll see. I am a little worried about the future of a transcriptionist as the computers improve over time. They may not be there yet technologically (especially with people who don't have the best diction), but still... I could do it at home when I have time (working with deadlines - but not set to strict hours which is a plus).

    So, thank you!
  5. How funny, I was going to mention the same thing! (medical transcriptionist) I know someone who does this, and it works out well since they have a 1 year old.
  6. I'm just trying to find a way to have flexible hours with a 3 year old (he'll be three when this is relevant) and my active 11 year old. My husband is gone 11-12 hours a day, so I don't want to be gone all the time. Plus, we have grown used to having me be able to do things during the week - like taking in the car and allowing my son to be able to do swim team in the summer and so on.

    I probably can't earn as much, but I wouldn't have commute costs and wardrobe costs and could avoid the daycare for those two years and after school care too.

    DH will probably nix it though as being "too below me" or something... but we just need the MONEY. I don't care about prestige... funny how that changes when you have kids!
  7. Comcast (cable) lets people work from home for customer service if they meet certain conditions. I haven't worked there for over two years so I don't know what the conditions are, but it would be something to look into.
  8. BBB please let me know if you find anything.I am about to become an SAHM.:smile:
  9. I'm a stay at home mom too...
    i do Daytrading in the stock market with stock options...
    you can make good money on it
    and most of the friends I made by trading
    do it for a living...
    its not easy but it can be learned...
    pm me if you need details...:flowers:
  10. My mother used to babysit other kids while my sister was still a tot. Maybe you could put ads up in the newspaper?

  11. I would love to hear more, I PMed you.
  12. Try looking into JetBlue. They made news a few years ago by keeping all of their phone customer services jobs in the United States (vs. the trend by many other huge companies to outsource call center work to other countries) and they also had good PR because they hired SAHMs as call agents. I don't know anything else about the company, but you should check it out!
  13. Thanks everyone. I figure there's SOMETHING I can do! LOL I have two degrees - one in Spanish and a master's in Ed. Admin. It's been too long since I've used my Spanish though to be useful - if you don't use it, you lose it!

    I was looking at the medical transcriptionist thing... I wonder how tiring that is (listening for 8 hours a day to a recording and just retyping what you hear) and decoding doctor's orders, etc...hmmm...

    I pmed you about the day trading too!
  14. I've thought of this, but the pay for this really stinks. People tend to pay about $150 a week around here for that and if you only have one child you are watching, you are only earning $600 a month and there is added costs to absorb - more baby gates, bigger stroller, etc. Plus, you are tied to home much more. i thought about it, but for it to make sense I would need to take in two to three kids and then it would be a zoo and honestly, I don't know if I can keep my house immaculate enough. People tend to want to leave their kids in pristine homes and not "lived in ones"! LOL
  15. My mom doesn't mind it because it's not 8 straight hours of boredom and crap - sure you have to be willing to type and listen to boring reports (some of them can be interesting)...I mean she takes time to take my brothers to school and whatever else they need, go to the store, a few minutes here and there to watch it is broken down nicely and it is manageable :smile: