Are there any Legacy Stripe Beauty Cases available???

  1. I'm trying to complete my Legacy Stripe accessory 'collection' & still need a Beauty Case. Is there still one (either the zip or framed) available through Coach or do I have to resort to eBay???
  2. Which beauty case? Aren't there 2 now?
  3. I called the CS number at the end of June and the framed one was available, I didn't end up getting it, but if you called to check. I don't recall the item number, but if you explain what you want to CS they could find it for you.
  4. The framed beauty case is still available and it is item number 40674 and the retail price is $148. I personally find it kind of big for the Ali bag whcih is what I am using now. I think the other zippered one from last year is sold out. You still can get the oxford stiped one with vachetta leather on
  5. Thanks for the information! I knew it was on the large size but I tend to carry larger bags (Mandy & Lg Ergo Tote primarily)... do you think it'll be OK for those? Thanks!!
  6. As of last Thur they had 150 of the framed beauty cases left.
  7. The large Legacy striped Makeup case is great for the Mandy and the Large Ergo Tote. It will work out fine for really large bags. It is a lovely makeup case.