Are there any Jumbo Flaps in Navy Lambskin out there?

  1. No place I have been to/called has one.
  2. According to Chanelboy (see thread "Coming for Fall"),a navy patent jumbo will be released in F/W,maybe it is crackled patent too like the black patent they are releasing -in the thread also the price of the black patent jumbo is mentioned I think it is $2395.It doesn't say when though -if you find out about the time they are releasing it or the black patent please post!Good luck!:search:
  3. I have no idea...but that bag is TDF!! Good luck!!!!!!!
  4. CHANEL San Francisco had one when I was there awhile ago (jumbo.) I have no idea if it is still available but you can try calling them at 415.981.1550. Ask for Cari.
  5. ^^^^^
    Thanks, I called but the one they had sold ~3 wks. ago:sad: