Are there any Ivory Hybrid flaps left anywhere?

  1. I am talking about the one Rachel Bilson wears. Does anyone know of any store who has one left? I am thinking of the medium size. Thanks! :smile:

    This one:

  2. Saks in Atlanta has the medium. I just got back from there.
  3. NM Palo Alto has the flap in jumbo size. You can try to call them if they have medium size available. :okay:
  4. i saw one on eBay
  5. Try Saks NYC Chanel -- saw one there last time I went in.
  6. OMG that bag is divine! I wish it came in gold hardware, but it looks casual and cute! I'm lusting.
  7. NM las vegas has it in jumbo. I ordered it but changed my mind.
  8. This is a great looking hybrid.. does anyone know any other colors they make of it? For instance.. grey?

    Thanks ladies :flowers:
  9. ^^ It also comes in a distressed black which almost looks like a charcoal grey. Very nice!
  10. how much is this bag in med and jumbo?
    tempted to get one!
  11. 2275 for med. i am not sure for jumbo.
  12. I was wondering the price of the jumbo as well. Also, is it caviar leather or what kind of leather? Thanks!
  13. I remember that was caviar leather (the jumbo in NM Palo Alto).
  14. The Jumbo was $2595 pre increase, I don't know if this was included in the PI.

    It's distressed caviar
  15. Ohhh, I have this bag in the medium size, and it's fab! The leather is a distressed soft caviar, not regular caviar... it's noticeably softer than regular caviar flaps, but it still retains its shape! :heart: I saw a Jumbo recently at the NM in White Plains, NY, and I'm sure there are some medium flaps floating around out there as well... best to have an SA do a search and find you one! :smile: