Are there any items that are haunting you?

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  1. Do you guys have a bag/slg/etc that you had a chance to buy but didn't for whatever reason and now it's haunting you?!

    Mine are the Raindrop Besace and the Monogram Fetish Lockit. I've been dreaming about it and it's just eating at me! I'm going nuts!!!
  2. oh yes, many, and not just from LV. quite a few, quite a few.

    from LV, i would say i regret not buying the watercolor speedy and black epi speedy in 25 when they were still being sold in stores. not impossible to find these items pre-owned as there are quite a few listed on various re-sell websites right now, but i really wish i had bought them in store in absolutely untouched, pristine shape.
  3. Roses Neverfull. I was just getting into designer bags/LV at the time and didn't realise a) how quickly LEs disappear and b) if a design completely wows you, you should buy it because it'll get worn a lot even if it's not 'classic'. :shucks:
  4. Yes! The Rayure NF GM.. I didn't like it when it first came out, now I want one.. :cry:

    The others, I wasn't into LV yet.. So I can't say that I had a chance to get/buy it..
  5. Cassis Lockit. I settled for a Cassis Speedy that I bought through Yoogi's last year. I still search for the lockit. I also hunted for the MC Kate for years and found that one in January. I just scored another vintage piece that is on it's way from Australia that I have been on the hunt for as many years. But he ultimate is the Mirage Speedy - I keep looking.
  6. The Astrid wallet. I am dying for one ..
  7. LV Violet stole!!!!
  8. Watercolour Speedy which I never saw until it was already out of production.
  9. Oh yes, the Cherry Blossom Retro and that Eye Love You bag.
  10. Yes graffiti speedy in pink or orange.
  11. Yes, for me it's the monogram horizontal lockit. I was just getting into LV about the time it was discontinued :sad: I've seen the bag being carried two seperate times in the last week.
  12. The cherry speedy and scarf, rose florentine in Alma vernis.
  13. Same thing happened to me. I just recently caved and purchased it...couldn't let it get away anymore!
  14. Galliera GM in azur haunts me now...its discontinued. I have to settle for the mono that I already own.
  15. mine is the mini lin saumur :sad: