Are there any Inks left in stores??

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  1. So after buying several bags in different colors, I've decided I'm missing Ink my collection...

    Are these now sold out in stores? I just missed a Ink Day on eBay too:crybaby:
  2. I think BalNY still has the ink in the day/hobo style. BTW, what bags do you have in your collection now? I know you have been busily updating your collection.
  3. Yes... call Barney's Beverly Hills, I know they have them in the back.
  4. I believe Barneys NY Chestnut Hill (MA) has ink in work and twiggy and maybe hook bag as well.
  5. I have cornflower, ice, and now a sky I bought an hour ago (I'm going for blues!) and white.

    I'm not picky on styles, I just want them to be at least the size of a First or bigger.

    Affordable is a big plus ;) so I've been searching eBay but I only found one.
  6. Wow you have a great collection of bbag blues Liz! :love: Ink would be a great addition. Good luck finding one! I'm sure more will pop up on Ebay.
  7. get one!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I hope so =)

    After this I have to stop spending to save for a 07 French Blue :yes:

    Still have to hunt down an 04 Dark Turquoise and 05 Turquoise too...
  9. As of this morning, BalNY had Ink bags in the following styles: Day, Weekender, Courier, and, I think, the Shopper. I'm not positive on the last one, but definitely the first three!
  10. Remeber the one at Maxfield?:confused1:
  11. I think I want a Day style....

    Zesty-I've been looking around in so many stores and checking for stock that I lose track of what's where:p
  12. I'm searching for an Ink first...any clues on where I can find one? Located a twiggy but have my :heart: set on the first (well, for today at least! :rolleyes:)
  13. try Barneys in Chicago, they had some INK last Sunday!
  14. My SA, Todd Smookler, at Barney's Beverly Hills emailed me 2 days ago with the Ink available in these styles:
    Twiggy, Box bag, small Motorcycle, Purse bag, Courrier, and the Feed bag

    Anyone know what a feed bag is??
  15. i think that the feedback is the day bag! ask them to send you a pic!