Are there any Honey Spies available in European boutiques?

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  1. Are there? :confused1:

    If anyone has a clue, please tell me which boutique and where! I really don't want to pay additional taxes + duties (which happens if I get it outside the EU area). I think the Honey Spy should cost around 1400 euros, right?

    Thanks!! Love you Fendi girls!!:yahoo:
  2. there is in the fendi boutiwue in paris.. on the rue de mantignon (sp) sorry dont know how to spell or pronounce but they had one
  3. Fendi in London Knightsbridge had one a week ago telephone 02078386288
  4. Many thanks:flowers:! Do you know the fax numbers to these stores? Do you happen to remember the price for the bag? Love ya!!!:heart:
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