Are there any good ways to sell used bags besides Ebay??

  1. I am thinking of selling some old bags, but eBay scares me a little. I am not sure why but I am a baby.

    Does anyone else have a successful way of selling them?

    Has anyone ever done a consignment shop? Or do you not get enough $ that way?
  2. If you are a member of the Makeupalley forums, they have a fashion swap yahoo group that you can join. Generally its best if you already have some swap tokens under your username there, though.

    I've never tried consignment, but I know some people have great luck with it!

    Also, no need to be scared of eBay, just have some sort of policy clearly stated where you will not accept bids from users with 0 or negative feedback unless they email you first or something.
  3. I understand being scared of eBay! What happens if you don't sell the bag and then you still get charged ebay fees and you have to keep trying and keep racking up eBay fees. blah.
  4. ahh i know how you feel, fendi! btw i'm from nj too ;) but i'm just starting to consider getting rid of some of my bags from a few years ago that are lightly used but now gathering dust in my closet. isn't it hard to sell on ebay if you're a new seller without a lot of ratings and feedback?
  5. I always try to sell things on Craigslist first to see if I can get them sold without all the fees. Plus, if you alter your title a little bit you can list it in Central NJ and wherever you happen to be (NNJ, SNJ). People will often jump on stuff locally to avoid shipping fees, I sold a bag for someone and just met them at Sbux to do the exchange.
  6. ^^ I agree. Try craigslist. Stuff is hard to sell on there though because of the huge number of fakes. Consignment shops are great but just be prepared to give 30-50% of the selling price to the owner. =/
  7. Once you get enough posts (I think 500) you can apply to be part of the marketplace on tpf and buy/sell/trade purses on here :smile:
  8. I've been looking for a place to sell some bags, but the consignment shops online charge 40%. eBay is virtually impossible for a first-time seller.
  9. Give it a try. It sounds as if you are trying to sell used bags which sell for less anyways and people are more willing to risk a new seller on a lower ticket item. Also sell some other things first to get some feed back. Document well it won't hurt to try. Only a little time.
  10. Ebay works for new sellers as long as you take REALLY good pictures. Also, post a lot of pictures. You can use Photobucket to host your pictures and then you can put as many as you want in your Ebay listing and only pay for one.

    I have a business selling on Ebay and have had really good luck selling authentic bags there. I would at least give it a try. You have the whole world as a potential customer instead of just your town on craig's list.

    Good luck!
  11. Everyone has to start somewhere on eBay! As other have said, just take a LOT of photos and document every little thing. There's no such thing as too much information on eBay :smile:
  12. I agree with the ebayers. Taking clear, well-lit and close-up enough photos of your bag and being upfront about the condition of the bag helps tremendously.
  13. I'm afraid of ebay myself. I have sold bags at a local consignment store (50%), with Fashionphile on ebay (30%), and I have a few items with Ann's Fabulous Finds right now, who takes 40%. I also have some items on craigslist, but so far, no success stories yet.
  14. Has anyone tried selling via Portero? (
    They charge 25% commission but don't know anyone who has tried it... Does it work?
  15. I'm intrigued. What is Makeupalley forumes and how does one join?